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Panel discussions:

2023 'Writing Fantasy', panellist at event with Adrian Tchaikovsky and RJ Barker at Leeds Central Library as part of the British Library's Fantasy: Realms of Imagination season, 9 November 2023 (available to watch here)

2022 'The Big Book Review: The Scottish Chapter', presenting Novel Perceptions research and chairing in-conversation event with Kaite Welsh and Abir Mukherjee at Aye Write festival, 7 May 2022

2021 'Beyond Bloomsday: Towards an inclusive celebration of literary lives', chairing in-conversation event with Lisa Blower and Patrick Vernon about the politics of statues and literary days, Wolverhampton Literature Festival, 16 June 2021 (available to watch here)

Invited presentations:

2023 '“Into a forest ful dep, þat ferly watz wylde“: Gawain and the fairy tale forest', talk at Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Text and Image conference, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, 9 December 2023

2023 'The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury', talk at the Open University's Writing Place conference, the University of London, 20 April 2023

2023 'Monstrous Mermaids', guest lecture for MA in Cultural Studies, University of Vienna, 18 January 2023

2022 'Novel Perceptions at Being Human', presenting Novel Perceptions research at Being Human festival showcase, Museum of the Home, 8 November 2022

2022 'Fairy Tales and the Monstrous', guest lecture for UCL Summer School, 29 July 2022

2022 'Fairy Light: Revisiting the Cottingley Fairies', The Folklore Library and Archive Fairy Conference, 2 July 2022

2022 'Spectres, Smoke and Spring-Heeled Jack: Into the London Fog', guest lecture for MA in Victorian Gothic, University of Portsmouth, March 2022

2021 'Fearsome Fairies', The Haunted Landscape, London Fortean Society conference, November 2021

2021 'Fairy Tales and the Monstrous', guest lecture for Global Education Oregon summer school, 5 August 2021

2021 'Into the London Fog: An eerie tour through the weird city', Westminster Library and Archives, 28 January 2021, Chelsea and Kensington Libraries, 31 March 2021

2019 'How Uncanny is Your Museum?', Museums Showoff, 17 September 2019

2019 'The Fairy Tale Survival Handbook, or How to Survive a Fairy Tale', History Showoff, UCL, 4 June 2019

2017 'Ordering Nature in the Middle Ages', Ordering Nature: Fabulous Alternatives evening event, Wellcome Collection, 30 March 2017

2015 'A Medievalist's Guide to Wolves', Animal Showoff, Grant Museum of Zoology, 20 March 2015

Refereed conference presentations:

2023 'Hiding in Animal Skin', workshop co-organised with the European Enchantment Collective for Progressive Connexions' 2nd annual conference The Darkness at the Edges: Dystopia, Global Horror, Monsters and Fairy Tales, 18-19 March 2023

2020 'Red Hoods and Silver Birches: Visualising the Fairy Tale Forest', The Languages of Landscape, IMLR, University of London, 17 September 2020

2019 'A Year in Russell Square: The Lore and Language of Bloomsbury', 'Neighbours Of Ours': Cities, Communities, Networks, Literary London Society, IES, University of London, 12 July 2019, co-presented with Michael Eades

2019 '“As we step out of the house on a fine evening between four and six“: Street Haunting and the Flâneuse Diaries', Magical Cities, University of Portsmouth, 15 June 2019

2018 'The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury', New Perspectives on Participatory Arts, University of East Anglia, 22-23 May 2018, co-presented with Michael Eades

2015 'The Meme that Cried Wolf: Bisclavret's Journey from English Woodland to Icelandic Alpine Tundra', Stories and Storytelling in the Medieval World conference. Department of English, University College London, 12 April 2015

2014 'The Urban Legend of Bisclavret: Landscape, Story Transmission and the Movement of Breton Lais', Late Medieval Romances Across European Borders, University of Bremen, 1 November 2014


2023 Storytelling workshop at the Open University's Creative Interactions summer showcase, the Foundling Museum, London, 15 June 2023

2022 'Research as Storytelling', creative writing workshop for the National Archives' Virtual Writing Retreat, 1 September 2022

2022 'Fairy Media', online discussion and performance workshop with the AHRC-funded Media of Mediumship project as part of Fairy Light, 15 June 2022

2021 'Future History Online Workshop: Imagining our Places in 2050', Institute of Historical Research, SAS, creative writing workshop co-organised with Catherine Clarke, Being Human festival, 19 November 2021

2019 'Sea Change: A Storytelling Night', storytelling event organised with harpist and Classicist in the Prospect of Whitby pub, Being Human festival, 21 November 2019

2018 'Red Hoods, Wolves and Transforming Fairy Tales', storytelling workshop in conjunction with Big Teeth, Leeds Central Library, 12 May 2018

2018 'Bloomsbury, Beds and Bird Boxes: Working with Festivals', UCL Public Engagement network workshop, 5 December 2018

2016 'Public Engagement as a Medievalist', workshop for Department of Anthropology, SOAS Research Meetups Presentation Series, 17 February 2016

2015 Creative writing workshops, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, London, working with Year 8 students at the school's Creative Club, asking students to rewrite medieval fairy tales, May 2015

2014 'An Evening of Tall Tales, Music and Werewolves', storytelling workshop with harpist Tamsin Dearnley and medievalist Erin Goeres for UCL's Café Culture series, Betsey Trotwood pub, 8 October 2014


2022 Discussing wolves in folklore and reality in conversation with biologist Giulia Bombieri, Tooth and Claw: Wolves, BBC World Service, 14 March 2022

2021 Invited to speak about literary Exeter and give listener quiz ahead of Novel Perception's Being Human event, BBC Radio Devon, 13 and 20 November 2021

2021 Discussing my book Into the London Fog, Robert Elms show, BBC Radio London, 26 January 2021

2019 Discussing the life of Bletchley Park codebreaker Mavis Batey, BBC Radio 5 Live, 4 June 2019

2018 Discussing the Flâneuse Diaries, Robert Elms Show, BBC Radio London, 15 October 2018

2018 Discussing the University of London's first women students, Robert Elms Show, BBC Radio London, 17 September 2018

2018 Discussing the life of Noor Inayat Kahn, Robert Elms Show, BBC Radio London, 23 July 2018

2018 Discussing Big Teeth ahead of its run in Leeds Central Library, BBC Radio Leeds, 7 May 2018


2021-22 'Introduction' and 'Re-Writing the History of the Manuscript Trade', The Cost of Culture, Episodes 1 and 2 (as host and editor for SAS's CULTIVATE MSS projext), 15 November 2021 and 5 April 2022

2021 'London Fog', London History Podcast, Episode 43, 19 February 2021

2019 'The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury: Everyday Poetry', The Mechanics' Institute Review Podcast, Episode 11, 15 November 2019

Other press:

2022 Interviewed for feature on Fairy Light. Victoria Finan, 'Celebration of a famous fairy story', Yorkshire Post, 9 June 2022

2015 My choose-your-own-adventure maze based on the Grimms' fairy tales, Out Of The Woods?, staged at the Being Human festival, was highlighted by Time Out as one of the top-ten things to do in London that weekend

Conferences organised:

2020 The Languages of Landscape, Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 17 September 2020