Folklorist | Writer | Artist

Elizabeth is the founder of innovative arts company Red Hood Productions which creates immersive, site-specific installations drawn from fairy tales, folklore and local history.

Using recorded sound, projected film and explorable sets built in theatre basements, museums, libraies and bookshops, audiences are invited to revisit seemingly familiar stories from new perspectives and add their own voices to the tale.

To date, she has written and produced the Cottingley Fairies-inspired Fairy Light, eerie E. T. A. Hoffmann retelling The Sandman, and 1940s Red Riding Hood reimagining Big Teeth.

“We were thrilled to have Big Teeth in our mysterious basement: through the curtain and between the sheets, in the space between fairy tale and sexy horror.”

Christina Oakley Harrington, Director of Treadwell's Books

“After two years of online programming, Fairy Light played an important role in encouraging visitors back into the library building. It challenged preconceptions about what a library installation could involve and inspired us to look at how we could use digital elements, like apps and soundscapes, in our future exhibitions.”

Rhian Isaac, Special Collections Senior Librarian, Leeds Libraries

Fairy Light

What really happened in Cottingley?

The Sandman

'Time for bed, children - the Sandman's coming...'

Big Teeth

Two people, perhaps complete strangers, go to bed together. But what happens next?