Folklorist | Writer | Artist

Elizabeth's research interests include fairy tales, urban legends, ghost stories, the Gothic, horror and the uncanny, concepts of canonicity, authority, collaborative and transmedia storytelling, diaries and life writing, narratives of place, forests, mapping, festivals and cities, and the role of public engagement and creative practice in methodology and teaching.

Her work spans research, artistic practice and public engagement, with each element informing the others. For instance, her immersive theatre installation Big Teeth drew on her Leverhulme project to reimagine Red Riding Hood as a 1940s fairy tale noir, while Fairy Light linked up with the University of Leeds and the AHRC-funded Media of Mediumship project to explore photographic trickery, fake news and the nature of belief.

Meanwhile, interventions in city parks like The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury serve as practical experiments in collaborative storytelling, informing her research into contemporary folklore construction.

Some of her past and present projects can be found below (for her installations see here).

The European Enchantment Collective

Co-founder of international research group bringing together artists and researchers to explore fairy tales

Novel Perceptions: Towards an Inclusive Canon

AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project examining what we read and why

Journeys Through Print

Discover the hidden histories of Fleet Street

Suffragette Scavenger Hunt

Follow the trail to a secret suffragette tea party!

The Flâneuse Diaries

'As we step out of the house on a fine evening between four and six, we shed the self our friends know us by'

The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury

Everyone has a secret, a story they've never told anyone. What's yours?

Talking Objects

UCL Museums and Skewbald Theatre project engaging summer school students with museum objects

Sing London

If statues could talk, what stories would they tell?

Parchment, Paper, Pixels

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship mapping the evolution of three fantastical tales