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Sing London

During my Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship I began working with arts non-profit Sing London, who create unusual interactive installations and interventions engaging audiences with local history and city streets. After finishing my fellowship, I worked with them for two years as a researcher, producer and writer.

As a producer of our Talking Statues projects - where actors and writers create voices for statues, with the sound file sent to your mobile as a 'phone call' after you scan the QR-coded heritage plaque - I brought statues to life in cities around the world.

Meanwhile, working on our cross-London treasure hunt Search Party, staged as the flagship event for the Mayor of London's 2016 Find Your London festival, I brought together actors, singers, museums, pub managers, local councils, Punch and Judy puppets and a hula hoop troupe to lay a trail of clues across the city leading to a secret party.